“Jodi and Brian really make you feel comfortable like you are family. When you are out here, they treat you like family and they teach you as you go.”

“This is something more relationship like than just a trip out with a bunch of different people or different crew.  This is definitely very much a relationship type thing.”

The Franks Family

“Our family has had so much fun during the several outings that we have had with AdventureOnPurpose! Whether rafting, canyoneering, hiking, rock climbing or rappelling we have had a blast!”

"One of the many things that has impressed 
us with Brian is that he is able to gear the 
level of intensity of each of the adventures 
to the abilities of  each of our family members, 
not an easy task when you consider that the
range of our six children is 3 to 17!" 

The Levin Family

“Thank you for keeping the fun high and the concerns for our safety low. Two Thumbs Way Up!!!”

"There is always an adventure beyond 
ones expectations - ours was no exception.
Our adventure included so many 
spectacular slot canyons with beauty and 
obstacles to dazzle you.  Ready to go back!" 

The Davis Family

“As a father, watching my kids interact with nature is truly a blessing and a gift from God. Thank you Brian & Jodi!”

Troy Koehler