About Us


Brian & Jodi

Brian and Jodi met in an adventure sports class in college.  The first thing they ever did together was go sky diving and their first date was kayaking a rain swollen river.    Brian got the opportunity to spend lots of time investing in relationship while he taught Jodi everything she needed to know to replace him as the Outdoor Education Director’s assistant for Berry College.  For the last twenty years, Brian and Jodi have been sharing their passion for Jesus through the lens of adventure.  Whether leading others or their own family (www.FunHogFamily.com), relationships are always being built and strengthened.


Our lives are one big adventure.  The choice is ours on how we choose to invest in it and the lives of those around us.  We all need opportunities for fellowship that will challenge us and draw us closer to God and each other.  Adventure On Purpose provides the platform to grow in an environment that will stretch us as we persevere together and make memories that will last a lifetime.